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Mele Broomes Creative Lab

Grin inverts the continued colonial narratives of black bodies and Caribbean dance styles being solely hyper-sexualised and eroticised. Grin is a celebratory performance, inviting you into the carnival. 

Mele’s work is mediated through Sound (Sculpture), Dance (Rhythm) and Light. Her focus begins with Rhythm and Movement and its potential to undermine (Colonial) Hierarchies of Power. Through research into the Politics of Movement within the African Diaspora, Grin will explore how sound and dance are translated. This provocative production will examine what it means when this translation is displaced and absorbed by the spectacle. 

Mele will perform in the work alongside emerging dancers who have come through the Project X programme. 

“Grin is still a work-in-progress, but already the interaction between her dance and lighting – with a gradual reveal of the West Indian roots of her movement – is utterly absorbing.” Mary Brennan, The Herald. 

Earlier Event: August 15
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