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Dance House Glasgow is disappointed to announce that the organisation has lost its three-year funding from Creative Scotland. Given the vital role that we play in the dance infrastructure in Scotland, and our reach to communities in Glasgow, we are disheartened at Creative Scotland’s decision not to include us in the network of Regularly Funded Organisations for 2018-21.  

Dance House Glasgow has served the urban population of Glasgow for over 20 years, defined by a holistic and inclusive approach to supporting both the community and professional dance sector in Scotland.

Central to the organisation’s vision is providing access and enjoyment to dance by offering high quality dance experiences to people of all ages and abilities, for whom there may be barriers to participating.  Our approach to lifelong learning reflects our programme’s capacity to embrace people of all ages coming to dance for the first time, from pre-school attendees who visit our Boogie Babies classes to performances in care homes for participants living with dementia.

Dance House Glasgow also plays a crucial role in supporting and strengthening the professional dance sector in Scotland achieved through a series of initiatives including residencies, creative labs and dancer development intensive training.

In the past year alone we have engaged over 2500 participants with regular weekly arts activity across 8 constituencies offering transformative cultural activity, talent development and training opportunities as well as pioneering models of participatory activity.  

Despite this blow to our ambitions, we are committed to discussing our future plans and identifying ways forward for the organisation with wider stakeholders and partners. We are thankful for the support of our vibrant community of artists, teachers, volunteers, participants at the heart of our operations, and we are committed to working with that same community to ensure that we can continue to provide essential support to the dance community in Glasgow and beyond.