WITH Pirita Tuisku

Reggaeton dance is highly influenced by Reggaeton music style, which is a combination of Cuban and Jamaican music mixed with Latin American Dancehall. Reggaeton focuses on isolating different body parts, getting low and heavy and beat-driven moves. In these classes you will learn typical movements in Reggaeton style, so get ready to get down, shake, shimmy and sweat!

Wear comfy clothes you can move in and lots of water!

Pirita Tuisku – Tutor Bio

Pirita Tuisku is a Finnish dancer, choreographer, dance and aerial yoga teacher based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She has worked for organisations such as Dance Base, Neu Reekie , Surraa Productions and Oulu Dance Academy. The international dance artist also runs her own dance school, Cross Move Company, in Finland. Versatile and energetic, Pririta has a decade of experience working in different fields in dance, including her main styles of Contemporary, Reggaeton and Hip Hop.



Level: General