David Banks | There is a Beat and a Heart in Place

August and December 2017

In August and December 2017 Glasgow based artist David Banks will be developing a site-specific show that brings together the worlds of performance art, spoken word and various art forms developed in response to the city – parkour, graffiti, dance and urban exploration.

50% percent of the worlds population lives in cities of over 1 million inhabitants. ‘There is a Beat and a Heart in Place’ questions to what extent do we rely on the city to create our identities. What do we wear, where do we look and why are we here? Is the city a hot-bed for creativity or a prison of necessity and monotony.

Far away from board room discussions about urban development and think tanks about psychogeography the people have been busy. Absorbing and dispensing meaning through movement, sound and marking. Defying the city and transgressing its function


Melanie Broomes V/DA | Grin

September 2017

Grin inverts the continued colonial narratives of black bodies and Caribbean dance styles being solely hyper-sexualised and eroticised. Grin is a celebratory performance, inviting you into the carnival. 

Mele’s work is mediated through Sound (Sculpture), Dance (Rhythm) and Light. Her focus begins with Rhythm and Movement and its potential to undermine (Colonial) Hierarchies of Power. Through research into the Politics of Movement within the African Diaspora, Grin will explore how sound and dance are translated. This provocative production will examine what it means when this translation is displaced and absorbed by the spectacle. 

Mele will perform in the work alongside emerging dancers who have come through the Project X programme. 

“Grin is still a work-in-progress, but already the interaction between her dance and lighting – with a gradual reveal of the West Indian roots of her movement – is utterly absorbing.” Mary Brennan, The Herald. 


Tamsyn Russell | Scene Stealer

September 2017

During this creative Lab Tamsyn and dancers will use this time to continue the research and development for a new work. 

Scene Stealer is an exploration into the idea of: individuals/groups of people creating different worlds/atmospheres/scenarios which continually get interrupted by a new scene. Exploring their different upbringings, values and experiences within a group setting, we will examine what it means to be individuals as part of a group. 

Also supported by: Creative Scotland, Dance Base, The Space Dundee and Eden Court

Image: Susan Hay


Katie Armstrong | HAND//SHAKE

December 2017

HAND // SHAKE is a short movement duet which explores the complexity of the first movement of Bach's Violin Concerto in A Minor.  The piece is inspired and driven by the pulse of the music, and manifests itself as a meeting between two characters.   

Continuing to explore the idea of short movement sketches, Katie will use this residency to explore a new work inspired by the themes raised in HAND//SHAKE.



Adam Sloan |  tbc

January 2018

Adam Sloan  is a dance artist  who performs with Indepen-dance 4, during his Creative Lab Adam will continue to develop his first piece of choreography with the three other dance artists in Indepen-dance 4.

The piece will explore the theme of  a group of people going on a journey together for the first time and the individual quirks of each person as they get to know each other over the course of the journey and what friendships develop.

Adam has invited George Adam to be his mentor in this project. George has created work that Adam has performed in previously but this will be the first time that they have worked in this way together. They first worked together on the European project that George choreographed bring dancers from 4 countries. Adam admired how George worked with such a large cast and how he brought the company together to create the work that all the performers felt confident in. George will be a sounding board, supporting Adam to bring clarity in how he communicates with the dancers and how to manage the studio time through observing and feed backing.

Adam hopes that this project will develop his choreographic skills and progress his career has a choreographer as well as developing as a more rounded dance artist able to work in different contexts as a maker, performer and teacher.


Rosalind Masson | Mus Ro Faclan or Before Words

January 2018

Mus Ro Faclan Ann or Before Words is the working title for the development of a dance performance influenced by the landscape, language and culture of the Outer Hebrides, in particular Uibhist a Deas /South Uist. The root of the word choreography comes from the greek, khoreia (chorus or band of dancers) and graphein (to write). Mus Ro Faclan Ann is an attempt to write or record movement that is in dialogue with a people and place. What can a Gaelic reading of the landscape reveal that otherwise remains hidden? How can the body serve as a medium to that which cannot otherwise be expressed in words? During this residency Rosalind will be developing the visual and sonic elements of this piece in collaboration with Jer Reid and Rob Jones. 

Photo credit: Brian Hartley


Ewan Downie | Achilles

January 2018

Glasgow’s acclaimed Company of Wolves re-imagines the myth of Achilles in a heart-stopping solo performance by Ewan Downie. Fusing storytelling, dance and song, Achilles is the story of a man’s exorcism: a burning out of his vulnerability, his rage, and his humanity. Achilles grew out of a period of focussed research into the relationship of words and movement in performance, funded by Creative Scotland. This Dance House residency is the last stage of development of the show prior to performances at the Citizens Theatre and manipulate Visual Theatre Festival.

Company of Wolves is Scotland’s only laboratory theatre company, led by Ewan Downie and Anna Porubcansky. We make performance by experiment, using elements of theatre, dance, music and improvisation to craft unique and compelling pieces that speak directly to the times in which we live.

Achilles is supported by The National Lottery through Creative Scotland

In association with Dance House, Platform,
Citizens Theatre, manipulate Visual Theatre Festival, and Puppet Animation Scotland



Lucy Wilson and Kajsa Lundahl | work tbc

December 2017

Kajsa Lundahl and Lucy May Wilson have been working alongside filmmaker Herman Selin in an exploration of movement in the natural environment. Their work has explored both Sweden and Scotland, creating movement influenced by their surroundings but also adapting material to suit thelandscape they are in. This residency is a continuation of the research and development so far. Kajsa and Lucy aim to explore how the movement transfers into a studio/theatre setting, using the week to play and discover how the body adapts and translates movement when the surroundings are so different. Can we portray the same feeling of the outdoors on stage/in the studio? Will the intent change in an urban/indoor setting?