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Janis Claxton | Pop-Up Duets

April 2016

Supported by Creative Labs, Janis created the duets for this work that was displayed in Dance House Glasgow’s own area of the city at Merchant City Festival and in August 2016 at the National Museum of Scotland. Based around the theme of love, POP-UP Duets draws on Claxton’s signature trademark of bringing high quality dance to public spaces. 








Anna Porubcansky

November 2016

This residency is part of a larger project investigating women's relationships with love and rage, and how these seemingly contradictory emotions can course through us simultaneously. What effect does this push and pull have on us – physically, in how it inhabits our bodies; vocally, in the many ways it escapes our lips, or fails to? During my week with Dance House, I'll be looking at pathways between voice and body, and how voice can mobilize the body into movement. I'll be researching movement incited by heavy metal bands (Rammstein, Burzum, Clutch) and their fans: how they embody, physicalize, and vocalize rage, and how joy can come from expressing that. Supported by Creative Scotland.


Aby Watson | This is not a euphemism

November 2016

This is not a euphemism is a work-in-progress that explores female sexual experience in a patriarchal culture. 
With original choreography, film and audience participation, this new performance leads us stumbling back through the clumsy sexual histories of our youth. By stripping back surface layers of 'getting it on', this bold work merges the intimate physical practices of life with the exposing physical practice of choreographic performance. This is direct and bold. This is not a euphemism.







White & Givan | Worn

December 2016

‘Worn’ is an exploration into change and how things transform over time. Our aim throughout this residency is to explore how the body is affected by time & space, (environment) and to reveal how a lifetime of association can affect the paths we take, choices we make, or are forced to, in our lives. "Are we in control of our own destiny or merely at the mercy of our surroundings, being blown from one place to another with no real rhyme or reason in a random response to the world that surrounds us?"






Penny Chivas

December 2016

Alex McCartney and Penny Chivas began working together in April this year towards Cottiers in June. They are heavily influenced by the work of Julyen Hamilton - who teaches Instant Composition. This way of working underpinned the relationship between Alex and Penny, giving them a common understanding of time, allowing us to break down barriers between a dancer and musician. Alex works with Baroque music, which also has elements of composing instantly, rather than free form improvisation. This Creative Lab will allow them to continue developing their working relationship, as well as giving the opportunity for a work-in-progress sharing. It is one thing to practice this delicate form, and another to retain its integrity with an audience…



Alan Greig | Into the Light

December 2016

‘Into the Light’ had its premiere at the Shanghai dance festival in 2009 and was also supported by the British Council to perform at the Shanghai World Expo (2010). Alan is excited to show this work, for the first time in Scotland. He also wishes to re-investigate previous solo material that he has worked onto younger professional Chinese dancers. One research question is: how Alan could, at 54 years of age, bring their youthful interpretations of the work and merge that with his own mature sensibilities and vast experience?









Rob Heaslip | max.IMEALLdance

October 2015

Continuing on from his recent development time with Dance House Glasgow and sharing at Tramway as part of Dance International Glasgow, Rob will be resuming his current explorations into the dynamics of human identity within groups and environments.




Saffy Setohy | Mulling space/Light Field

October 2015

Saffy's residency will be split into two activities. Each day she will work with a different invited to artist to share questions, try some experiments, generate curiosities, form some connections together.
In the evening the residency space will be open to the public, with an invitation to participate in testing ideas for Light Field- a new collaboration with sound artist Bill Thompson. Light Field will be an off-grid kinetically powered participatory installation made of changing constellations of people, light, sound, space and movement.
The space will be open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 5-7pm, Thursday 7-9pm.



Melanie Forbes-Broomes | V/DA

October 2015

Void is a new collaboration between dancer/choreographer Melanie Forbes-Broomes, video/sound designer David Bernard and Performance director/costume designer Bex Anson premiering at Tramway 13th and 14th May 2016

Void is a solo dance piece based on JG Ballard's Concrete Island featuring a unique video-augmented design with glitch aesthetics, gymnastic-infused scenography and a compact technical setup. Also supported by Tramway, Dancebase and Citymoves


Fuora Dance Project

October 2015

Fuora Dance Project will work on and further develop ideas behind their existing work for children (T-his/T-hat) based on the concept of choice.

Every day we deal with choices, decisions and possibilities which can influence or even change certain aspects of our life. Are we always able to understand which the best option is? Are we overwhelmed by opportunities which we could misunderstand, enjoy, miss, and lose? Decisions also represent our past, our history, our memories and our future. We can be either this or that, here or there. Endless options exist and they are just in front of us. In a surreal scenario making use of props and music, the performers will explore their own choices with irony and playfulness.

Photo Caterina Romanò


Alan Greig Dance Theatre

February 2015

Alan Greig Dance Theatre will be in the dance studio to research a quality production on the theme of ‘Goddess’ This women based project will work with an intergenerational cast of six leading Scottish based female dancers. The research takes a feminist stance with the eccentric juxtaposition of being led by a gay male choreographer on the subject of Goddess, myth, ritual and World culture beliefs. From this research (began at Dance Base Edinburgh and continuedat Dance House Glasgow) it is hoped to develop the ideas into a new full length touring production for 2015.


Rob Heaslip | max.IMEALLdance

May 2015

The intention of the work is to focus on aspects of human-touch. It will be an interpretation of our reaction to it and also the associated relationships. These may range from pre-meditated to instinctual responses and may be internal, external or between the performers themselves. As part of Dance International Glasgow.


High Heart Dance Company

April 2015

Choreographer Diana Loosmore will explore music by 20th century contemporary classical composers, creating pieces that complement the shifting, rhythmic and fiery nature of the music.  The works will premier during the dance programme of The Cottier Chamber Project in June 2015 with live music by chamber ensemble Daniel’s Beard.  (picture credit: Mikah Smillie)



Giulia Montalbano (Fuora Dance Project)

July 2014

Inspired by a Sicilian fairy tale, The Last Maiden, this Creative Lab explores the creation of a deep and mysterious relationship between two female figures. Giulia Montalbano aims to discover how individuals approach the unexplainable. Photographer:  Caterina Romano


Skye Reynolds

August 2014

Skye Reynolds and Skye Loneragan are two artists from live art disciplines, dance and performance/ playwriting who migrated to Scotland nearly 15 years ago and share a namesake the Isle of Skye, that has seen them often confused for each other. Having finally met, Skye & Skye now embark upon an exploration into collaborative practice from where they will flesh out the poetry and humour born from mistaken identity. This Creative Lab enables the two Skye's to make a short journey to the Isle of Skye to consider the political landscape of their other homeland from afar, and weave together historical links to place into a new story.



Federica Esposito (Fuora Dance Project)

August 2014

Federica Esposito seeks to develop a new piece for children called “T-his/T-hat”, inspired by the concept of choice. Everyday, we deal with choices and possibilities which can influence or even change certain aspects of our life. We wonder if we are always able to understand what the best option is.


Dana MacPherson

September 2014

BLACK BUTTERFLY - Expressions of Grief
A journey filled with hope, humour and despair. It is a solo inspired by the loss of the artist’s younger brother and the landscapes of the Western Isles. The dancer gives form to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual impact of loss; reflecting on the affects of external wildernesses upon the internal landscape of the human psyche.



Over the past 5 years, Dance House Glasgow has supported the following artists through Creative Labs:

Rob Heaslip
Freya Jeffs

Chrissie Ardill
Claire Cunningham
Jack Webb & Drew Taylor
Penny Chivas
Tamsyn Russell
Alan Greig
Company of Wolves
Freya Jeffs
Paul Henry
Rhiana Laws
Tess Letham
Dana MacPherson
Emma Jayne Park
Federica Esposito
Giulia Montalbano
Skye Renolds

Alan Greig
Erroll White
Jer Reid
Rob Heaslip
Agathe Girard
Ewan Downie (Company of Wolves)
Rosalind Masson
Tamsyn Russell
Thania Acaron
Iraya Noble
Merav Israel
Kathleen Downie

Alan Greig
Angie Dight
Abby Warrilow
Agathe Girard
Marc Brew
Rob Heaslip
Satya Dunning
Chrissie Ardill
Dominic Snyder & Penny Chivas
Emma Park
Joanne Pirrie
Maite Delafin

Gareth Vile
Laura Steckler
Gypsy Charms & Chris Wilson
Jack Webb
Gemma Caine
Jennifer Patterson & Tony Mills
Coral Lee
Diane Torr
Maite Delafin
Agathe Girard
Daniel Aing
Robbie Synge
Lorraine Jamieson
Nicolas Blanc
Peter Mills
Ross Cooper
Ruth Mills
Tom Pritchard
Virginia Kennard
Neil Price – Indepen-dance
Alan Greig
Dana MacPherson
Errol White
Laura Edwards
Loic G Lalande
Matthew Hawkins
Penny Chivas
Rosalind Masson

Rosalind Masson
William Collins
Iona Kewney
Susanna Curtis
Andura Onashile
Barrowland Ballet
Rob Heaslip
Anna Gander
Sue Hawkesley

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