The Barrowlands Project

Over the final weekend of the London 2012 Festival, Michael Clark Company created a landmark dance event for Glasgow. ‘The Barrowlands Project’ marked the change in focus from London 2012 to Glasgow 2014.

Taking over the celebrated Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom, now a revered music venue and with a history as Glasgow’s premier dance hall, the performance project was specially created by Michael Clark, the iconic Scottish dancer, choreographer and artist. The Barrowlands Project featured local people as performers in the choreography alongside the company dancers accentuating the communal dance experience. 

An exciting assortment of community participants took part in The Barrowlands Project. Ages ranged from 18 to 64 and the reasons participants gave for taking part were hugely diverse. Some were fans of Michael Clark’s work and jumped at the chance to perform in one of his productions. Some discovered their love of dance in their later years; others have fond memories of spending their youth in the Barrowland Ballroom and wanted to relive those golden years. For some the project was about pushing themselves out of their comfort zone and trying something new.

We were delighted to work in partnership with Michael Clark Company, Creative Scotland and Glasgow Life on this exciting project. We’re pleased that so many of the participants of the project have continued to dance through participating in our Class Programme and Community Company.