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Bus Stop has run since 2012 and is a project which is working to engage young people in and around Glasgow in high quality arts activity. Glasgow based artists work directly with communities in Milton, Scotstounhill and Bridgeton to learn new artistic skills and create work that speaks about their surroundings. 
Through the mediums of dance, drama, parkour, music and animation, participants have so far created art installations at bus stops, organised flash mobs, and turned wasteland into artwork. 

Now in its sixth year, Bus Stop is continues to create innovative art with young people with each artist's district connecting to their mentor's professional practice. Find out more about each of the area's below:

“I have not really done a lot of arts stuff before, it’s actually the first time I’ve done anything like this. It was great to meet new people and build up my confidence and learn to do new things.”                               Participant, Age 12