Performance makers Aby and David have facilitated the Bus Stop programme in Bridgeton since 2013. They've used parkour, photography and a mixture of other art forms in their projects in order for residents to feel a connection with their part of the city and facilitated young people to design the 'Bridgeton flag' which was flown during the Bridgeton Games shown below. 

In 2017 the group achieved their Discover Arts Award by studying the work of Taro Chiezo and creating their own sculptures which were presented to them in a book where the young people also designed the font. 

Bus Stop Bridgeton has been so popular that in consultation with the community centre and the young people additional Bus Stop groups were formed! Now Aby and David are there three times a week with:

- A specific Parkour class for individuals who enjoy weaving, jumping, climbing and exploring

- A creative class for under 13s looking back over what has been created before and thinking about how they can make a 'living gallery' within their community centre

- A class for over 13s (who have been with the project since its inception!) who are working towards creating a YouTube channel.