Created in Los Angeles, by the LGBTQ cultures of the 1970s Waacking is characterised by its flamboyant arms but also incorporates expression, footwork, posing and musicality. Class will focus on each of these and of how you combine all elements to find your own style.

A studio training session open to all dancers, predominately playing Vogue beats so dancers can focus on developing skills in Old Way, New Way and Femme.

Supported by Creative Scotland, Emma Jayne Park, has travelled across Europe and North America to learn intensively from Waacking innovators Viktor Manoel, Dallace Zeigler, Tyrone Proctor, Archie Burnett, Ana Sanchez, Kumari Suraj and Alyssa Chloe. 

She was Winner of the first ever Punking Dramatics Category at Waackfest in Los Angeles in 2013, retaining her title in 2014 at the Angel City Ball.

Classing herself as a Waacker who loves to Vogue she learned intensively from Archie Burnett and has furthered her studies through travel across North America and Europe to immerse herself in ballroom culture and take workshops with world class voguers in all styles such as Dashaun Wesley, Benny Ninja, Cesar Valentino, Leiomy, Javier Ninja and Aviance Milan.

Eager to maintain the integrity of original waacking culture she recently founded Northern City Waackers as a vehicle to develop the Waacking scene across Scotland and the North of England.


Not currently programmed
Level: General Level