waacking & vogue - workshops plus freestyle ball!


with emma park

In prep for the Crystal Maze Ball we are hosting some warm up workshops to ensure you feel confident with the skills you are bringing to the floor.


Old Way Vogue
Old Way is the original Vogue style traditionally known as Pop, Dip and Spin.  Inspired by Military, Matrial Arts and Egyptian Heirogphics the style is characterised by the formation of lines, symmetry, and precision in the execution of formations with graceful, fluid-like action. Class will focus on the key elements of the style.

Created in Los Angeles, by the LGBTQ cultures of the 1970s Waacking is characterised by its flamboyant arms but also incorporates expression, footwork, posing and musicality. Class will focus on each of these and of how you combine all elements to find your own style.

Vogue Femme
There are five elements of Vogue Femme: hand performance, catwalk, duckwalk, floor performance, and dips, with spins now essential to the style too.  Femme, derived from the French word meaning woman is a celebration of femininity and can be performed in two distinct ways Dramatics or Soft.  Class will introduce you to the elements of the style as well as the difference styles of performance.

New Way
Lines, boxes, stretch and hand illusions.  New Way evolved as a response to Old Way involving more extreme movements and pushing the bodies extremes. Learn the fundamental of the style as well as learning about its cultural evolution.





Crystal Maze Ball

Following on from the success of our No Shade Ball 2015, we are delighted to be hosting the Crystal Maze Ball.  Inspired by the flamboyant 1990s game show you are invited to dress for your category, no outfit can be too over the top and walk for your tens.  No judges, No Shade just the opportunity to try things out in a ballroom environment with live beats from an in house DJ.


OLD WAY VOGUE: Aztec Warrior

NEW WAY VOGUE: Futuristic

VOGUE FEM: MUMSEY (Fortune Teller Realness)

WAACKING: Medieval

BEST DRESSED: Crystal Couture

FACE: 'Start The Fans Please'

RUNWAY: Industrial

*Pepper Bakewell - Ema Jayne Park
Supported by Creative Scotland, EJP has travelled across Europe and North America to learn intensively from Waacking innovators Viktor Manoel, Dallace Zeigler, Tyrone Proctor, Archie Burnett, Ana Sanchez, Kumari Suraj and Alyssa Chloe. 

She was Winner of the first ever Punking Dramatics Category at Waackfest in Los Angeles in 2013, retaining her title in 2014 at the Angel City Ball.

Classing herself as a Waacker who loves to Vogue she learned intensively from Archie Burnett and has furthered her studies through travel across North America and Europe to immerse herself in ballroom culture and take workshops with world class voguers in all styles such as Dashaun Wesley, Benny Ninja, Cesar Valentino, Leiomy, Javier Ninja and Aviance Milan.

Eager to maintain the integrity of original waacking culture she recently founded Northern City Waackers as a vehicle to develop the Waacking scene across Scotland and the North of England.


This class is not currently available, if you are interested in this style, please contact at



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