Susan Harvey

Charleston & Tap

Susan Harvey graduated as a dance teacher from the Royal Academy of Dancing in 1973 and has taught dance nearly every day since! Her passion is tap dance and she has written 2 books and produced 4 DVD’s on tap technique. Over the years she has accrued a large repertoire of styles from ballet (RAD advanced) to jazz, street, Charleston, American Smooth, Argentinean Tango, salsa, modern and musical theatre.  She also lectures on teaching dance through the lifespan, healthy dance practice and dance history. Five years ago she set up an online mentoring service for trainee dance teachers which keeps her very busy.  Her passion for dance and dance teaching has always made her want to learn more, so in 2012 she gained a Masters degree in dance science and education from the University of Edinburgh. This year she has been training with Vincent Hantam in Margaret Morris Movement and is performing in two pieces especially choreographed by Vincent for the Edinburgh Fringe.

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