Scott Houston

Parkour Fusion

Very physically active from a young age, Scott Houston studied gymnastics at the age of five at a local leisure centre and after two years discovered the Garstang School of Gymnastics where he continued his training on a more full time basis. He competed in several competitions excelling with a passion. After six years he discovered Shotokan Karate and began training and competing for a further three years. 
Through the dawn of DVDs Scott was instantly drawn into film making, specifically because of the ‘behind the scenes' features available that allowed him to discover stunt work. Many films later he discovered Jackie Chan that sparked off a whole summer of him training and developing on how to fall and fight, on screen, as safely and convincingly as possible. His combined experiences led him to work on feature films with actors such as Sir Ian McKellen from ‘X-Men’ & ‘Lord Of The Rings’ and Danny John-Jules from ‘Red Dwarf’ & ‘Blade 2’. Scott's knowledge of film making has been essential when performing, as he understands what the camera needs to see.

After performing in the media, Scott’s first audition for a theatre show landed him a role. The six person show called ‘Jamp’ went on to perform overseas, go on tour in Scotland as well as make an appearance right outside the front of London’s National Theatre. During Jamp’s tour Scott also led Parkour workshops to audience members after performing. Scott’s success performing in 'Jamp' gave him the opportunity to perform in ‘9-2-5’, a Hip Hop dance/Parkour show, at the Edinburgh Mela festival in 2012. 

Scott's experience in theatre working with professional dancers sparked off a further interest in movement, via the medium of dance. Scott is keen to both master his movement but also to apply it to music, creating a unique style of dance that is both urban and contemporary, whilst interacting with everyday obstacles. 
As a certified Parkour coach, Scott teaches many, of all ages, how to move through space with the aim of confident navigation with physical movements. This involves preparing students both mentally and physically, with the soul goal of students having the ability to make their own decisions. This is achieved through training techniques, physical conditioning and mental preparation. These are then all put together in practice in a variety of ways, which can also change at any time, keeping students challenged. 

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